A non-profit organisation

ECHO is a non-profit organisation with an ambitious project: improving healthcare in emerging countries by means of Osteopathy.

The organisation has been created in 2014 by two osteopaths: Julie Nicolas and Samuel Hagiakian, wishing to expand the borders of osteopathy reaching out to emerging countries, where the therapy does not exist.

The main goal of ECHO was to enable emerging countries to benefit from a decrease in healthcare costs, thanks to the efficiency of osteopathy regarding frequent pathologies, enabling a lightened care path and a reduced drug intake for the patients (see the tab about Osteopathy).

Besides, ECHO takes part in the training of fourth- and fifth-year students, from several European osteopathic schools (France, Belgium, United-Kingdom), providing a professional experience abroad, in hospitals.

Last but not least, this experience is also a beautiful journey meeting with exciting people and culture.

Armenia – summer 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018

Each summer since 2015, we have set up free osteopathic consultations for the people of Armenia in three different hospitals. Hospitals are ideal to raise medical staff awareness of the beneficial contribution of osteopathy to patients health.

These four campaigns have been a success with more than 3000 consultations given by about 90 highly-motivated students mentored by professional osteopaths.

ECHO will, therefore, start organising its fifth campaign, heading to Armenia this summer 2019!